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Journal Articles

Articles cited in Howell (2011) Australians and modern slavery have been placed in an archive stack; and can be retrieved by appointment. The following articles are on open access, and can be seen by appointment as above:

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Download | PDF 492 KB | 61 pages

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Download | PDF 540 KB | 62 pages


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Download Sample | PDF 3.3 MB | 12 pages

Asha: Hope and transformation in the slums of Delhi
Download Sample | PDF 1.5 MB | 3 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2 MB | 8 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2 MB | 11 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2.4 MB | 8 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 920 KB | 4 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 3.9 MB | 14 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 3.5 MB | 31 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 970 KB | 5 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 3 MB | 11 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 603 KB | 6 pages

DVD: (2004) ‘Born into Brothels’, A film by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski, Red Lion Films, DVD, Distributed in Australia by Roadshow

DVD: (2005) ‘Trafficked: How did a young Thai teenager end up as a sex slave in Sydney?’ Director Luigi Acquisto. Film Australia, National Interest Program. Rating: PG

DVD: (2008) ‘End of poverty? Think again’. A film by Philippe Diaz, Cinema Libre

DVD: (2009) ‘The greatest silence: Rape in the Congo’, Directed by Lisa Jackson, Jackson Films

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Download Sample | PDF 1.9 MB | 5 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 611 KB | 4 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.5 MB | 19 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 959 KB | 6 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.4 MB | 4 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.4 MB | 21 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.4 MB | 13 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 634 KB | 5 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.8 MB | 13 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2.2 MB | 13 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2.1 MB | 15 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2.4 MB | 12 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.6 MB | 19 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 3.8 MB | 22 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 544 KB | 4 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 907 KB | 6 pages

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| Download Sample | PDF 4.2 MB | 16 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 2.1 MB | 15 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 854 KB | 6 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.4 MB | 4 pages

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Download Sample | PDF 1.8 MB | 8 pages

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Case Transcripts

Kandal & Khyatt & Ors, Federal Magistrates Court, Australia, FMCAfam 508 (6 May 2010), Published under the pseudonym Kandal & Khyatt & Ors

R v Kovacs [2008], Queensland Court of Appeal, QCA 417

R v Wei Tang [2008], High Court of Australia, 2008. Hearing, 13 May 2008

R v Nantahkhum [2012], Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, SCC No 149 of 2010